Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stolen lines #2

"Ghosts definitely live here," I say (in obvious repetition and concern). "They f**king definitely live here?" Is the explative really necessary? That's what the landlord told me and I questioned when I was thinking of moving into a house in Iowa. Are you kidding me? That's how you try to get me to move in? Do you think I'm Dan Akroyd (circa too long ago)? Is that your new selling point? Has that worked in the past?

"I think I will move somewhere else," I tell her. "Unless this ghost has a Ph.D. and can type my paper for me, I think the apartment where I currently reside will work just fine."

The landlord tells me to have a good day...thanks....

In my mind, this would make one hell of a story for the grandkids. Why is it that people think every single house is haunted? There's an apartment building being built on an old corn field and people are already starting in with the ghost stories. "I heard the door shut in my apartment across the street from construction. I bet there is a ghost that is really pissed off" my neighbor says. Seriously? The 30-40 mph winds couldn't have done it? It wasn't a ghost and this isn't an Indian buriel ground. Knock it off.

Ghostbusters was a good movie. Scary films are not my thing, but I can give you some latitude on your fascination. If my Friday night is terrible, I sometimes actually watch the Ghost Whisperer. I get it. We like ghosts. Hell, I still listen to Oingo Boingo specifically for Dead Man's Party. Even though we have all this, does every bloody place have to be haunted?

When does it end? When does it stop. When does Davey Jones stay in his locker? Also, why are there never any lesbian ghosts?????? Are ghosts always straight? Seriously.


This is a post of the Emergency Blogcast System....this is only a post...

I stole the first line of this post from You'll Never Eat Lunch in This town Again, by Julia Phillips. There's a blog you have to read that had an idea. This idea was good. I stole the line to continue the idea. So can you.

Go to LAW WITH GRACE to find out the details. The blog rocks. READ IT!

This is a post of the Emergency Blogcast System....this is only a post...

I ain't afraid of no ghosts,


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Grace said...

if i die, I'll be your lesbian ghost!